Boxee Plugin for i-vysílání České televize (Czech TV)

Published by Tomas  Vitvar on March 3, 2011 in Programming,Tools

The Czech TV has a great amount of TV shows available on the Web called i-vysílání. Not only you can watch the life TV over the Web but you can also watch most of the TV shows including news, documentaries, or sports over 5 years back. Accessing TV content through Web browsers where you need to do a sequence of clicks through pages full of flash is not very convenient though. This makes the TV experience pretty bad and you often rather do not open the browser to watch the TV. Fortunately, there are technologies such as Boxee.

Boxee is a media center based on XMBC media center with plugin architecture for custom apps. The embedded video below shows such an app for the Czech TV’s iVysilani.


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