Our Book on Semantic Technologies for E-Government

Published by Tomas  Vitvar on March 8, 2010 in Research

Our book on Semantic Technologies for E-Government, co-edited by me, Vassilios Peristeras and Konstantinos Tarabanis, has finally been published by Springer Germany. It has over 30 contributing authors working on semantic technologies applied to e-government mainly as part of EU FP6 and FP7 funded projects. The book is divided into three major parts, namely Architectures and Process Integration, Ontologies and Interoperability, and Portals and User Interaction, giving details on how semantic technologies can effectively solve core integration problems as well as how they can facilitate emerging e-government trends such as one-stop-shopping,  cross-border e-government, or participation of citizens.

The book is now available at Amazon or Springer.

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  1. Karel Simek says:

    Dobry den,

    pracuji na katedre grafiky a interakce, kde se zabyvam pristupnosti internetovych aplikaci. Chtel bych se zeptat, zda bude Vase publikace pristupna v NTK popripade ustredni knihovne CVUT.

    S pozdravem,
    Karel Simek

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