Google Scholar Metadata: Monitoring Papers with Google Spreadsheets

Published by Tomas  Vitvar on July 10, 2009 in Ideas,Tools

Google Scholar is a great thing which you can use to monitor citations of (your) papers. The major problem I have with Google Scholar, though, is that it does not expose any metadata about papers and citations. I have thus created a simple solution that allows you to extract papers’ titles and their citation counts and expose them in an atom feed. A nice thing is that all you need for that is Google Spreadsheets.

See my citation spreadsheet and the related atom feed for more details. In case you want to have your own, just create a copy of the spreahsheet (File/Make a Copy), change the value of the name field or change the Google Scholar URL as you like (on the input sheet), and share the citations sheet as Atom feed (Share/Publish as a Web Page and then select the citations sheet and the ATOM format). After that just add the feed as a new subscription in your favorite feed reader. Note that the feed gets updated every 5 minutes (this is what you cannot influence).

UPDATE: I am now displaying the citations of my papers on citations tab in my publications page. I only parsed the XML atom feed in JavaScript and rendered it in HTML. However, due to the current XHR cross-domain restrictions I had to create a proxy in Apache serving my domain to access the atom feed URL on google domain.

2 Responses to “Google Scholar Metadata: Monitoring Papers with Google Spreadsheets”

  1. Pavel Praks says:

    Dobry den, zaujal mne Vas citation spreadsheet. Bohuzel to funguje jen v rezimu view only, takze neni mozne menit autora ci udelat kopii pomoci (File/Create a Copy). Funguje jen export do Excelu, ale to je nepouzitelne…

    Mate to moc pekne. Nasel jsem vas odkaz diky LinkedIn pres prof.Vaclava Snasela. S pozdravem Pavel Praks, VSB-Technicka univerzita Ostrava

  2. Tomas says:

    Kopie spreadsheetu by mela jit bez problemu vytvorit pres File -> Make a Copy (ted jsem to zkousel s jinym uctem a funguje to). Dokument se Vam tak vytvori ve vasem prostoru na Google Docs, ktery potom muzete editovat. Obcas se stane, ze Google zmeni formatovani a ja pak musim zmenit nektere xpath. Tyto zmeny se Vam do vasi kopie potom nepromitnou, takze musite akci kopirovani opakovat. Mejte se hezky, Tomas.

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