Advances in Computers Chapter

Published by Tomas  Vitvar on April 28, 2009 in Publications,Research

Elsevier published our work on Semantic Web Services with Lightweight Descriptions of Services in its Advances in Computers, volume 76 (co-authored by me, Jacek Kopecky, Jana Viskova, Adrian Mocan, Mick Kerrigan and Dieter Fensel). In order to publish in this book, authors need to receive an invitation from Elsevier and we were glad to receive this invitation in 2008. This book’s edition is in general about semantic web, its foundations and applications such as social web.

It is nice to see that apart from our contribution, there is also a chapter from my former collegues from DERI Galway, John Breslin et al., on The Future of Social Websites: Sharing Data and Trusted Applications with Semantics.

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