New Version of my Website

Published by Tomas  Vitvar on April 25, 2008 in Personal,Programming

I have recently updated my website with some new features. First of all, I have migrated the whole website to a new location and at the same time I have rewritten its source in the language and using the tool called Konamara which I develop for website content management and publishing (there is currently two websites maintained by Konamara, my personal one and the CMS WG website).

Following are the new features of the website:

  • WordPress blog is fully and seamlessly integrated with website look with recent blog posts displayed on the entry page.
  • Events which I maintain separately in the Google calendar are displayed on the website. Whenever the new event appears in the calendar, the list of events is updated on the website.
  • Integrated Google search engine using Google AJAX Search API to search the content of my website.
  • List of my publications and presentations is generated from the XML of all my publications. Konamara can easily generate selected publications (those with higher rank) and all publications on separate tabs.
  • Some AJAX features such as tabs for “selected” and “all” publications.

The major driver behind Konamara is to allow ease of use of website development powered by Web 2.0 features such as rich user experience, service mashups, etc. I also plan to use it as a basis for semantic service mashups and incorporate some of the ongoing work in semantic web services. I will provide some more details about Konamara later in my blog.

Time to Move on…

Published by Tomas  Vitvar on March 12, 2008 in Personal

It has been 3 years and 4 months I have arrived to Ireland and started working with Semantic Web Services group in DERI. I was initially hired by Christoph Bussler, the co-founder of DERI Galway, and since then worked with Stefan Decker, Dieter Fensel, and Manfred Hauswirth. I contributed to many projects and initiatives including Knowledge Web, SemanticGov, Lion, WSMO, SAWSDL, etc. Ireland will always mean a special place for me and my family as this was the place where I started family life and where my two children Tomas and Klara were born. Ireland will be the second home for us.

With the beginning of March, I moved over to Innsbruck, Austria where I joined the group of Dieter Fensel at the Semantic Technology Institute (STI2). This is not a big change since I know almost all people here from existing and past projects in DERI. In STI2, I will lead the group on Service Web Intelligence working on lightweight semantic service models for WSDL and RESTful services as well as on techniques to crawl and integrate services on the Web. All these activities will be mainly focused around the new EU FP7 project SOA4ALL where we will develop the technology for the large-scale SOA for the Web.

Hello World!

Published by Tomas  Vitvar on October 5, 2007 in Personal

There are quite many things happening in my work life which I will share through this blog to anybody who is interested in Semantic Web, (Semantic) Web Services, Service-Oriented Computing, Web 2.0, etc. The stuff I will talk about will be about my and related research in these domains or latest developments, that is, things happening in projects where I work, conferences where I publish, travel and talk, papers that I read and so on. In addition, since I also have a strong interest in Linux and Java/Web programming (as a user/engineer) I will share experience and some of the tools that I build using these technologies.

As you might have noticed my blog is fully integrated with my web site. The blog itself is based on the WordPress publishing tool for which I have customized the theme to fit my web site’s look. I have created the web site using a tool which I am continuously building (when I have time). Its ultimate goal is to allow publishing, sharing and interlinking information about professional life of a person active in open communities (e.g. publications, presentations, traveling schedules, community activities, blogs, etc.) and provide means for integrated, and personalized web interface With the presence of the Semantic Web this idea is ready to be realized. I will share these ideas and their realizations through this blog too.